During the shoot, the pair [Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart] ended up taking the roles — and themselves — a little too seriously. They spent hours deconstructing what it meant to be a vampire, and what it meant to be in love with one. The result: big-time angst, both on screen and off. At one point, the studio began to worry their young stars had mistaken this for a Bergman movie instead of a romantic teen fairy tale. "We were like, 'We're going to play this real' and the studio was like, 'But it's fun. Lighten up!'" says Stewart, who launches into an imaginary rant at the studio suits: "You knew what you were getting when you hired actors who aren't Disney kids! We're actually going to consider the characters, and not just smile on our marks, and hope we're in focus."

-Entertainment Weekly; ew.com

Yet, who happens to be at the premiere...?

Aly Michalka

Brenda Song

Chelsea Staub

Demi Lovato

and your co-star, Taylor Lautner's best friend, Alyson Stoner.




Don't Forget Album Review

Laur had the honor of review JB's new album, so I thought I'd give my take on Demi Lovato's CD "Don't Forget".

Lyrics: 10/10. She has to be one of the best songwriters I've ever seen. Just the metaphors and how the words flow...love it!
Music: 8/10 For the most part, I like the music and instrumentals...but On the Line...it just sounded a little too Mama Mia-ish for me. Sorry, if you're a fan of that movie. I'm not.
Overall: 8.5/10. (Yes, I so used a decimal in a fraction!) I think it's a great debut album, and I can't give her a 10/10, because then she wouldn't have anything to improve on. And there is always room for improvement.

Now you should know that I've been a fan of Demi's since 07. Once I saw her sing on As The Bell Rings, I knew big things were planned in her future. And I was right! A year later, she's done Camp Rock, toured with the Jonas Brothers, and starred in the yet to be released Princess Protection Program with her bestie Selena Gomez. That is one heck of a year, if you ask me. Honestly, I'm slightly jealous. The girl can wail like there's no t'morrow, she plays the guitar and piano, and she's played sold out shows at Madison Square Garden. That is most definitely enviable.

I've always thought of her as, like, a 15...well, now 16 year old mix of Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson, with the stage presence of Paramore's Hayley Williams. Not a bad combo, in my opinion. I'm a fan of all those girls. Their vocals are insane, and Demi is no exception.

Her CD "Don't Forget" came out September 23 and I hope it does well on the Billboard charts, cos, frankly, I think she deserves it. She seems like the coolest kid. I may be a cynic, but may I remind you, I am no Perez Hilton. I don't call 15 year old girls sluts...for the most part. xP

So, track one is La La Land, which is a song with great vocals and an even better message. Especially with lines like I'm not a supermodel. I still eat McDonald's. Seriously, I think this should be the anthem for the new 90210. Have you seen how skinny those chicks are?! Although, the beginning riff is so similar to JB's Video Girl...Okay, I'm almost positive it's the same.

Get Back I'm sure most of you have already heard. If not, it's all over Radio Disney and Youtube. Again, it's lyrically sound, but after a while, one could get tired of it.

Trainwreck is so one of my top favorites. It has that angry, sarcastic edge to it, but it's about love. I love it. Plus, the lyrics would keep it from being played on Radio Disney. At least the CD version. RD could always have her record a "edited" version. Why to be a rebel, Demi!

Party is pretty cool. Her vocals are really good, as is the music, but it's more of a song just to dance to than to make you contemplate life.

On the Line is what I guess you could call a duet with the Jonas Brothers. (Really, it's her, Joe, and Nick at different intervals. Duet is two people.) I like the lyrics for the most part, but musically, I'm not a fan of the song. Every time I listen to the song, I get the image of Mama Mia in my mind. =/

Don't Forget...if the title track. For some reason, every time I hear this song, I think she's singing about Cody Linley. *shrugs* Perhaps...But it's a pretty good song. Definitely the type of song you'll listen to when you think about an ex.

Gonna Get Caught is pretty cool. It reminds me of the early Demi. The Demi a year ago, when she was still on As the Bell Rings, had a gap in between her front teeth, and had time to answer messages on her myspace. It's very reminiscent of her demos Open, Trash and Shadow.

Two Worlds Collide is definitely a highlight on the album. 98% of the world has heard that she wrote this song about her best friend, Selena. But if you listen carefully, the song tells the story of Demi and Selena's characters in Princess Protection Program. And it doesn't hurt that Selena contributes her vocals for a line in the song. If you listen closely around 2:15, you can hear her. I wouldn't be surprised if this song popped up on the PPP soundtrack.

The Middle is my second favorite song on her CD. Her vocals, insane. The riffs, great. The lyrics, amazing. Plus, I like that the song isn't about being apathetic in a relationship, and it's not about being head over heels in love. It's about that perfect balance, which I can never seem to find. XD

Until You're Mine...from the first time I heard this song in some youtube video from one of her concerts early this summer, I knew I'd love it. And I do. It may be about desperately wanting to be with someone, but most of us have all been there. I know I certainly have. My favorite lyric is My state of mind has finally got the best of me. And I can completely relate to that feeling. Now that I think of it, this song so describes Edward and Bella from Twilight. (Yes, I am totally a Twilighter!)

And Believe in Me is pretty good too. It describes what everyone wants. To like themselves for who they are. It's like a Disney version of Christina Aguilera's Beautiful.

1. La La Land 9/10
2. Get Back 8/10
3. Trainwreck 9.5/10
4. Party 8/10
5. On The Line (featuring the Jonas Brothers) 7/10
6. Don't Forget 8/10
7. Gonna Get Caught 9/10
8. Two Worlds Collide 10/10
9. The Middle 10/10
10. Until You're Mine 10/10
11. Believe In Me 9/10




So, now that I have some free time, I chose to write up my opinion on The Cheetah Girls: One World movie. Just so you know, I planned a whole weekend around that movie. Me and my twin had a sleepover to watch the movie and everything... =/

Okay, so if I could sum up this movie in one phrase, it would be "WHY IS THE FRICKIN' CONTINUITY?" I mean, the first Cheetah Girls movie was basically made for Raven, since she had her show on Disney and all, and it turned into this big thing. Not as big as HSM, but big enough to spawn a pop group, two sequels, and movie inspired merchandise for tweenage girls. Let's start from the beginning so that you can understand my angst.

Film one is about four friends that want to win their school talent show, but get almost-discovered by a record label. Galleria, the "leader" of the group, is very goal-oriented. Her goal? To be famous. And she won't let anything stand in her way, not even her mom, teacher, crush, or...best friends. Chanel, Galleria's best friend and somewhat "lap dog", is second in command. She's kind of the fence straddler. She wants to go along with Galleria's plans, but can't help noticing how much other people are annoyed with her bestie. Aqua, the girl from Texas, doesn't have a problem speaking her mind about how big-headed Galleria is getting. Yet, she tells Chanel that she should be the one to cut Galleria down to size. She does however have a problem with taking the subway. And Dorinda, the one with the dance moves, get picked on by Galleria about her clothes, but doesn't really stand up for herself. Why? Because she has a secret. She's a foster child. *gasp*

But because this is a Disney movie, come the last scene, all their drama has ended, and they win the talent show after all.

Film two: The same set of friends take their dramas and talents over to Barcelona, Spain to win an international talent show. Three years after the first movie, the Cheetahs are high school seniors or getting out of high school, *shrugs* and they have the whole summer in front of them. Then all of the sudden, NO! Chanel has to spend the summer with her mom and mom's boyfriend in Spain, because her mom is desperate to get married. Either that or get a tattoo. Go figure. But then, as if by magic, the Cheetahs find an advertisement for a talent show in Barcelona. But gasp! Foiled again. They missed the audition deadline. But never fear, Galleria's here. She decides that if they audition over the phone at o'dark thirty in the morning (NYC time), Spain can't refuse the Cheetah's slamming a capella vocals.

So after convincing Galleria and Chanel's moms, they jet off over seas. Chanel has to pretend to like her mom's boyfriend, but fails miserably. Dorinda starts to fall for this boy named Joaquin, and "complicated" becomes her new vocabulary word. Aqua is suddenly this fierce fashionista and besties with Galleria's mom. And Galleria is left to be emo and write songs because none of her friends are serious enough to buckle down with practice. So blah, blah, blah. Some chick and her mom try to sabotage the Cheetah's chances at winning, sing-sing, Galleria gets demanding then wants to go home, sing-sing, the Cheetahs sing in their peejays to get Galleria to stay, they promise to rehearse, sing-sing, more attempts at sabotage that almost work, an almost mommy smackdown, sing-sing, the end.

One thing is relatively clear from the first two movies. Galleria is very serious about her "non-exisitent" music career.

So someone please explain to me why come movie three Galleria chose summer school over being in a movie? I know that Disney had to come up with some plotline that would explain away Raven's absence, but they could have been a little bit more realistic than that. I mean, what kind of friends are they really that they didn't even call they Cambridge-bound friend and talk about their rising fame?

That was my number one issue with the storyline. But don't fret, friends. I had more.

Like why in the world did they give so much airtime to Dorinda and her invisible ex-boyfriend? I seriously wanted to slap her. She could have been so much more mature than the way she acted and answered the daggone phone when Joaquin called. And then she got on everyone's case whenever they brought up love and stuff. Just because she was bitter about a long-distance relationship that she didn't want to deal with, she didn't have to harsh everyone else's mellow. Then her weird feelings everytime she saw an elephant (Ganesh).

Okay, can I just say that movie was just a little too mystical for my taste. I will keep my religious preferences out of this, but seriously, that was a little too much for me.

Anyhoo, Chanel did seem to get rather itchy with a 'b' now that she's the leader. She had some major flirtations with the director of the movie, which is not a very smart thing to do, ladies. You should never get in a relationship with your boss.

And Aqua was her boy crazy self. She'd break her computer just to call the Tech Support guy, who she had never met before. That doesn't not send a very good message to young viewers, in my opinion. Young, impressionable, naive and self-conscious viewers, that is.

Not everything in the movie was bad, mind you. I did like most of the music...most. I want to know what the heck "Dance Me if You Can" even means! "Outdance Me..." would make much more sense, but I digress. I have to say the music was easier to listen to on my iPod than it was while it was playing in the movie. I don't really know why, but it was. But I was hoping that they would have actually had a Hindu inspired song on the soundtrack, and not just the pop/r&b/hip-hop/disney music with an Indian flair.

I did like the dancing in the movie, but only because I'm a fan of the choreographer, Fatima. But like all Hollywood made things, they moved the camera around so much, you couldn't really see the dancing. My mom was ranting about that more than anything. She's a dance-ish teacher.

The outfits were the best part of the movie. My mom and I are mega fans of Indian garb, and at least Disney didn't disappoint in that area. Although, they could have left out the cliche use of bindis. I love bindis, but seriously. Hollywood has glamorized those things why too much.

I'm not going to rehash every single detail of the movie that I had an issue with, but let's just say...

I can count on High School Musical 3 to be better than Cheetah Girls: One World was. >.<


p.s. HSM3. Totally better than Cheetah Girls 3!


Jonas Brothers New Album

Jonas Brothers: A Little Bit Longer Review
By Laur the Cynic.
Music/Melody/Guitar Riff Rating: 10/10. Absolutely amazing. Music better than previous albums.
Lyrics: 2/10. Left much to be desired. How many freakin’ songs could be about girls? We get it. You love her, she hates you. Move on. Move on. (Name that song, obsessed punks)
Overall Album: C-, for the manufactured Disney trash lyrics even though they’re paired with awesome guitar lines.

Don’t get me wrong; I have been a fan of them since March 2006. I even own It’s About Time. I’m one of the old Pre-Disney fans. I accept the music for what it is, not about how so called ‘hotties’ they are. (JB are the current TCA Male Hotties, like I didn’t see that coming, with these lovely new fans.)

The new album titled, ‘A Little Bit Longer’ comes out on August 12th, will most likely outsell the Jonas Brothers debut album and sophomore album with its eyes closed. Thank you Disney, for giving them everything they needed. Including fans that have an obsession so large that it cannot be healthy. Oh! And a new 3D movie, which kids are gonna cry like those pathetic ‘My Super Sweet 16’ girls, that they just ‘have’ to see the movie, that will only be out for “one week.”

I’ll stop ranting about the pains and agonies of an old Jonas fan. And talk about this lovely album…

First off, is the lovely song: BB Good. The title reminds me of Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry, but that is the closest resemblance those two songs have. The previews of this song were very promising with a very catchy chorus, a song about being good to them and being happy, and even treating a girl right. Then, it happens. No, the world doesn’t explode, but extremely close. Joseph’s line (which was basically screamed) ‘I wanna kiss you,’ scares the living crap out of you, as you are running to the nearest shelter in fear of an F5 tornado or another natural disaster anomaly. The rest of the song is about them being a great cou.. cou.. yeah. They don’t even finish the word couple, and I guess the only thing good is like, I don’t know, the great guitar riffs?

Moving on, Burning Up is a song, which is about a girl in a red dress and heels. Chauvinist pigs. I’m sure that I don’t even need to review this song. Since, you can probably tell from the opinion of the rest of the lyrics of this album, nothing needs to be said.

Oh, surprise! Another heartbreak song! They make it seem like they’re so famous and loved, and that they’re not dating anyone. I mean, sure. They deserve a private life. But, come on, can’t they sing about anything more than break ups. How nasty breakups can they have between them? Shelf is not a bad song, it is one of the songs that garnered this album the 2 points for lyrics on this album. Giving your heart to someone who cares, and not just to anyone is an actually meaningful lyric. Snaps to them.

Okay, One Man Show… I’ve yet to understand what the heck is going on in this song. From what I can understand, it’s about not needed someone to continue living. I sure hope so, its not like they’re your liver or brain or something. Still, what song isn’t about a girl on this album? There’s plenty more stuff to write about.

Okay, seriously. I cannot do every single song on this album. I’ll go insane from writing so much. I was never a writer.

I’ll go with the high points of the record. Basically, in a nutshell, A Little Bit Longer is the highlight of the album. Probably not surprising that the title track is in fact the highlight, but what can you do.

I don’t hate the album, I just don’t like it.

Ratings of the songs—
BB Good –8.5/10 [Was good until the screaming part, and all that weird stuff]
Burning Up – 8/10/ [Cliché, and I’m tired of this song]
Shelf – 9/10 [One of the better ones]
One Man Show – 7/10 [Confusing]
Lovebug – 7.5/10 [When I figure it out..]
Tonight – 6/10 [Okay]
Can’t Have You – 7.5/10
Video Girl 8.5/10. [Not bad... kind of weird. Hard to understand at first.]
Pushing Me Away – 9/10 [Good beat]
Sorry - 8.5/10 [Falsetto just scares me, other than that. Not bad.]
Got Me Going Crazy - 9/10 [Opening is like Australia a tad, but the underlying bass line is incredibly catchy]
A Little Bit Longer –10/10/ [It’s possible to be on my good side]

Perez Hilton might hurt me. I must now run. It seems that I use this place to talk about these punks, oh well. I'll find something else... oh, I got a wonderful topic for next time. Ta-ta!

P.S. The Album Art is SCARY!



I happen to like both, well, all three, including Demi. I'm still sketchy about Mandy, but...whatever. I just don't see why it matters if Miley is better than Selena or if Selena is better than Miley. And don't tell me it has to do with Nick Jonas. I'm pretty sure from the looks of the very first Miley&Mandy show video that Miley and Nick were already broken up, so I doubt Miley made that video parody because she was jealous of Selena dating Nick...if she is dating him. See to me, even if they do look cute together, I don't believe Selena and Nick are dating. With Miley and Nick, it was obvious. But him and Selena...if they are, they are definitely more discreet.

I like Selena Gomez.
I like Miley Cyrus.

I'm not going to say which one is better, because they are both different, unique, talented people. I wish people would stop trying to pit them against each other. For goodness sake, they're fifteen and sixteen years old. If they weren't famous and in high school, no one would give a rat's behind about them and who they're dating, and what they put on youtube.



Let the Hypocrisy Roll!

This occured to me last night but has still got me peeved.

This whole thing started yesterday, the 6th of May 2008, just for reference sake. I was so stoked to get The Host, the new, non-Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer. I had gone to Barnes & Nobles after school and started reading it as soon as I walked out of the store. It was around 8:30 or so, when I realized I hadn't been on the computer all day, which is pretty much an anomaly for me. I forced myself to put the book aside so I could check my email, myspace, youtube, CF, etc. Yet, still in the Stephenie Meyer related spirit, I checked out some Twilight, Edward&Bella themed fansites. One in particular (www.edwardandbella.net) had a few outtakes of a very recent photo shoot with Kristen Stewart. Curious, I checked them out. Kristen's 18, so I wasn't too perturb by the theme of the shoot. Four girls, dressed in white, long-sleeve, button down shirts and white or nude underwear at the beach. It wasn't until I realized one of the girls was newly seventeen year old Emma Roberts, from Nickelodeon's Unfabulous, in the company of Blake Lively from Gossip Girl, Kristen, and Amanda...still don't know her last name (Karen from Mean Girls).

Now when the general public gets ahold of these pictures, we'll be able to see just how hypocritical America really is. And we'll see that Miley's Vanity Fair pictures had more to do with her being "Miley Cyrus" than any propaganda about her age or her parents or her billion dollar franchise with Disney. Now I know Emma isn't as popular as Miley, that's for sure, but it's really the principle of the matter. How are people going to condemn one but not another for very similar circumstances?

Personally, I like Miley more than Emma. I did used to watch Unfabulous when it was on because I liked the fact that she sang and played guitar, and I used to find the plots funny. But then after a while, the character Addie seemed to get a bit too controlling and self-centered from my liking. Plus, I kind of got sick of reading the same interview answer over and over. You know, how Emma didn't want people to know her because her aunt is Julia Roberts, but for her talent, although she's want to have the career longevity like her aunt. So, not like her aunt...but like her aunt. *shrugs*

I find Miley a bit more real. I'm from the south so I get her humor. And, hey! We've seen her bounce back from a lot of adversity, not just from her fans, but from the media, and a great portion of today's youth, who chewed her to pieces. Emma hasn't really gone through anything to make me want to support her. Like I've said, I like my celebrities with a little edge. I like Vanessa Hudgens, despite your lapse in judgement. Yes, I do still like Britney Spears, no matter how out there she may get. Heaven forbid she become the next Anna Nicole. I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt, however cynical I may be. I believe, with enough support, a person CAN get back on the wagon, so to speak. Even, Emily Osment, who may not have done anything out of line, but she did have the guts to say that she doesn't want to sign with Disney's record label, Hollywood Records, for her music dealings, especially since she has to go through Disney with just about any aspect of her career, while she's under contract for Hannah Montana.

I don't want to see a big controversy that will make people question Emma as a good role model like people do with Miley, but I do want to see people "walk" their "talk". If they are going to punish one person for something, then that should go for all. Everyone came down hard on Miley and her family because she's 15 (underage) and the supposed "artsy" pictures were too revealing for the Disney starlet. Are wet t-shirt pictures an exception for celebrity minors? I mean, Emma just turned seventeen. She's still not legal.

Or does it have to do with, not who the picture is taken of, but what name is tacked on to the end of their name? There's Cyrus, considered as "country" somewhat infiltrating the Hollywood, since a lot of people don't see them as serious performers, which they really are. Then there's the Roberts, seen as kind of the prestigious acting family in Hollywood. Would the media not want to make a big thing about Emma's pictures because they don't want to ruffle the feathers of the Robert's family and all their cohorts?

I don't think either pictures were all that bad. I just think people are so starved for scandal that they will blow things way out of propotions. But when things get so bad for one person, yet another isn't held accountable, it sort of tips the scale on how fair the world really is. A double standard. And that's something I really despise.



Who Said, Who Said Miley Can't Write A Book?

Well I certainly didn't, but I never thought I'd have to either.

That's right, just in case you haven't heard, Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana plans on writing a memoir about how she became who she is and what not: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/television/news/e3i312d811d7acd5b8736a801b222fca285

So this book in a nutshell:
  • Her birthname's Destiny Hope Cyrus (which she legally changed to Miley Ray Cyrus)
  • She's from Tenessee
  • She stars in the super popular Disney show Hannah Montana with her real life Country star dad Billy Ray Cyrus
  • And she dated Nick Jonas
  • She's the incredible 15-year-old --You don't know her=you live in cave. (May I join your happy life?)

So what else is there to know? Corrrection: What else do we care to know?

Apparently she wants to inspire kids about how important family time is, because if Miley has a perfect family, you can too --insert creepy smile here-- .

This book "will feature photographs from her famous family" and how they're really close, and all the other things she wants to shove down our throats. I guess she realized that some kids rather reading over watching TV and listening to music, so this is her way of spreading the Hannah Montana Insanity to them. Or the pictures (such as the ones Selah and Emily posted) are finally showing that she isn't the perfect daughter/singer/actress Disney sells her to be, and they want to change that.

Whatever the reason, I won't be buying the book. I see her life on TV and on the internet, I don't need to see it in print to finally believe it. I can see the headlines now "Miley Cyrus Conquering the Book World" or "Sudden Rise in Tween's Reading Interest Due to Miley Cyrus?" Ahaha--not.

Ps. I do not hate Miley Cyrus. =]
I just want a place where I can be without seeing her or hearing about her or a day. Please?

Song news...

In recent Disney Music news, Mitchel and Emily's new song has been leaked from the Disney Mania CD.

For those who have not already downloaded [which I'm pretty sure that they have, since our readers are mostly CF posters, which is very awesome i might add.] here is the link.

There is also a video being shot, and a few leaked pictures of Em and mitch being a very touchy and happy.

I do however, feel very bad for mitchel, since he has to go through all of the other crap in which fans have to clutter him in verious comments such as "omg mitchel!!! u n miley r sooo much cutrr! not dat i dont luv em n all but i think that u n miley r soooooooooooooooo much bettr than stupid loliver or mitchely or w/e those bad people call it!!!!"


Just like when he posted the post containing the word LOLIVER in it. The fans went crazy, they were either supporting him, or complaining that he was ignoring their ship, and Miley.

So whether you are a Loliver Supporter, a Mitchely supporter, a Miley/Mitchel supporter [Mitchiley?] a Moliver supporter, or just some person who likes Em or Mitch, be sure to check out the video :)


New Clay in an Old Mold?

This is the article that started me on my newest rant: http://omg.yahoo.com/how-to-make-a-miley/news/8116?nc

I'd suggest you read it. :]

So, Disney wants to market Demi Lovato as the new Miley? I want to know "Why?" I love them both, but they are two different people. Both talented in their own way. I'll admit, I'm more partially to Demi's vocals, but only because they are maturer than Miley's, not because I think Miley is an awful singer. I mean, she must have something if she has so many people memorizing her (as well as Hannah's) songs. Even twins have their own personalities.

What really got me started was when Wizards of Waverly Place came out and Popstar! Magazine put a video on their youtube of their photoshoot with Selena Gomez. In the video, Selena can be heard singing Hannah Montana's "Rockstar". That's when people went crazy with the comments. "Selena is a so much better singer than Miley! OMG!" Then Miley fans retorted "Miley is so much better than Selena. Miley ROX!" I'm like "WTF?! They're both good singers. Why compare them?" That's my opinion, though.

But the fact that they want to lead Demi down the same road they lead Miley down aggravates me. They tried to market Miley as the next Hilary Duff, and we all know Miley has surpassed Hilary by far. But is that really necessary? Wouldn't it seem reasonable that if a person is as talented as they portray themselves that they don't need to follow in someone else's footsteps? I mean, heck, if I ever got famous, I wouldn't want to be marketed as the new Raven-Symone, not matter how successful she has been. Why can't Demi just be recognized as "Demi Lovato"? I'm more than confident that she'll be fine just as she is without Miley's name being tacked onto her's.


My Goodness... >.<

Well, first I want to say that I'm glad Camy joined our posting. :]

Now, I was hoping to put off doing this blog for however long I could, but someone just isn't making things easier for me...or herself.

Now, I'm sure that you all have seen the new, NEW Miley pics, so I'll refrain from posting them.

Eh...I was trying so hard to give her the benefit of the doubt. I tried to overlook the first pictures with her friend at the hotel sleepover, with the candy...then, with the underwear and the bikini pics...but now with the pictures with the bra and that creepy kid Thomas, I can only shake my head.

My thing is, not that she's 15 and taking pictures like this, because, believe me, kids our age do take pictures like that. I have several friends on myspace that I see at school with pictures very similar to that on their pages. >.< But that fact that she's in the Hollywood world. Miley knows that very young girls look up to her and that her fans are very impressionable. She really can't do what she wants without having her every breath scrutinized. Personally, I could care less what she does. I'm not her, her parents, or any of the people in charge of her career. She doesn't have to do what I say, and I can't influence her in any way. What she chooses to do isn't any of my business. I just kind of wish so many girls didn't fall into that trap repeatedly. How bad does someone have to screw up for people to see that you cannot trust everyone? Especially with technology these days. The minute a camera flashes, you're pretty much screwed.

And this Thomas Sturges guy. I'll be honest. I don't like him. I don't know him, but I just get this bad vibe from him. I mean, from what I can tell, he's just this guy that's been seen with some people in young Hollywood. I just get the feeling that he's around them for his 15 minutes of fame. =/

Also, people are trying to say that those pictures were taken when she was 14 or that she has a look-a-like. I have to say: I THINK NOT. One, I think we've seen Miley enough to be able to distinguish between her, photoshop, or an impostor. Two, in several of the pictures, her bangs were very visible. Bangs she didn't have until a month or so ago. So, it's safe to say the bra picture and the one where she's laying across that guy's lap are fairly recent.

What I want to know is "why?" Why does Miley feel the need to take pictures like that? She already has everyone at her whim, what with her being Disney's biggest star and her million views per video Miley and Mandy show on Youtube. I mean, she's 15. When I was 15, heck, even now with me being 17, I'd feel oddly creeped out knowing that 50 year old men was watching and waiting on everything I do. Please, have a little modesty. You're making some of your more mature fans look foolish, how we try to defend you, and you just keep doing whatever.

Not only are people questioning her as a role model, but also her as a christian. Everyone knows how much she loves God, thanks to her MM video, but now people want to persecute her for not following her own words. I'm not judging her by any means, that's not my place. I'm not one to condemn someone for their wrongdoings, because I am in no way, shape, or form perfect. But I try. And I just wonder "Is Miley?"


P.S. Emily didn't want to type this up, thinking she couldn't control herself, so I chose to.


Idol goes Broadway

I've been meaning to do this every week, but obviously that didn't happen. Nonetheless, here it is: a review of Tuesday's performances of the Top 6 singing Broadway (with help from Andrew Lloyd Webber) on FOX's American Idol. Woot, woot.

Let's start with the first performer: Syesha Mercado. I've enjoyed each of Syesha's performances, but never found anything special that made me jump to my feet and applaude (like somebody else does, but we'll get to him later). One day she sounds like she's imitating Beyonce, the other it's a Whitney Houston, yesterday it was Jennifer Hudsen. She sang 'One Rock and Roll Too Many' and rocked it, of course. So tomorrow she should have safe seat on the couch. But then again, what do I know? I did predict Michael Johns would be in the top 4..

Jason Castro was next singing 'Memory'. My only memory of that performance was "When is it ending?" and "Why is he still here?" I like Jason Castro personality-wise, but his singing makes want to go to sleep. Or "feel like I'm at a luau" as Randy so well said. He's the guy version of Miss Lullaby aka Ramiele Malubay (whom I had nothing against. Much.) I completely agreed with Simon when he said those were the longest 2 minutes. I'm thinking "Bye Bye Jason."

Book Whyte. Wait, no, let's start that over. Up next Brooke White. I love this girl, she's sooo sweet (And she looks like Aly Michalka)!

But seriously, she cannot do that messing up and starting over thing live, TWICE! I'm really nervous for her today. She even managed to make Paula speechless (in a bad way) and say something sternly, and with meaning behind it. She sang 'You Must Love Me' and pulled the song off (after she remembered the lyrics) because she sang it with emotion, so...*fingers crossed*

David A., never really AMAZES me. What amazes me is how much the judges loooove the kid. He can sing, okay we got it, but all his performances sound about the same. So, besides the fact that a bunch of tweens were allowed to come hug him (no comment), nothing special to say. Oh, at least he opened his eyes, which seemed like a starin at some parts..pretty funny.

Carly Smithson rocked!....So I've gathered, because I unfortunately missed most of it. Her outfit was, well, questionable. But she's going to be safe, and that's all that matters. AND Simon liked her!! Sing on Carly. Woot woot.

And last, but most definitely not least.....DAVID COOK!! I continue to have fangirl moments after every performance. Although this wasn't his best, "he did the best he could with what he was given", says Simon and I agree. I'm already considering him to be winning but to be unbiased I'll say he should be safe tonight. *cough* DUH!!*cough*

My Bottom Three: Jason, Brooke, David A. Yes, I said David A. He won't be leaving, but if he doesn't go in there tonight, who eslse would? I'm hoping to be waving goodbye to Jason tonight.



Idol Gives Back.

We're cynics but we're not heartless.

Wednesday night Idol Gives Back went for another run for its very successful fundraiser, raising awareness of the poor condition people, not only in Africa, but even in America have to live in. The star-studded, and I do mean star-studded, show rose more than 60 million dollars, as opposed to last year's 70 millions, although opportunities to donate are still open. From past Idols winners/contestants to Reese Witherspoon, the Jonas Brothers, Wrestling's John Cena, Ellen DeGeneres, and comedians like Dane Cook, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller, the band of television actors (Band From TV) and Miley Cyrus herself, there were tons of people in attendance. Whether it was a short taped segment, or a performance to get American to give, it seemed like Hollywood took the night off just to give and have fun. Even the 8 Idol hopefuls answered phones and took donations. I have to say Miley's little skit with Billy Crystal where they pretended that they had no idea that the other was famous was quite cute. :]

There were some good performances and some that I'm sure Perez or Buck will touch on. Miley performed "Good & Broken" and "See You Again", not neccessarily her best, but live nonetheless. I always admire a person that can perform live rather than rely on a backing track. She did look somewhat lonely, though, without her band. I guess it's not the same, trying to rock out with the Idol band... =/

Fergie sang and she blew me away. Girl has got a voice on her! She also performed with Heart, which no doubt left the youth of America scratching their heads. I was...until my mom told me then I remembered who they were ("Oh Barracuda"). Mariah Carey sang but the song made no impact on me. Her heart just wasn't in it. One performance I dreaded from the first note: Teri Hatcher and the Band From TV's rendition of Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats. I prayed the entire song Carrie would come out and rescue her song, but to no avail. The actors that played the instruments did an awesome job, but Teri should really stick to Wysteria Lane.

The Idols performed a few numbers as well. They opened the show with "Don't Stop the Music" from Rihanna, RENT's "Seasons of Love", which, weirdly enough was the song I had learned to sing in my chorus class that very morning, and they ended the show with "Shout to the Lord". Now, being someone who has known that song since I was two or three, they just didn't pull it off. It wasn't about the setting (church or the stage), the Idol hopefuls just didn't sing it with the same flair it has if it was really sung. However, they did re-sing the song at the beginning of Thursday's show. Wednesday, they had substituted the words "My Jesus" for "My Shepherd". Thursday, they sang the original lyrics, which made me glad. The song was a little better. I just kind of hoped they would have sang the song for the sake of the song and not for show.

Tons more people that couldn't make the program weren't to busy to visit a different area of the world to see the condition some people face everyday. Miley and Billy Ray went to Kentucky, Alicia Keys, Annie Lennox, and Forest Whitaker went Africa, Dane Cook went to Burbank, The Peytons and Brad Pitt went to New Orleans, even Randy and Paula went...somewhere.

It was a pretty good (pretty long) show and a very good fundraiser. But I doubt anything will top Josh Groban's performance from last year with the African children's choir. That made me cry. I mean, how can you top that?


but am i the only one that noticed that on thurday's show when DYLAN and COLE Sprouse had their little segment, they were labeled as ZACK and CODY? seriously? did FOX not catch that?


Beware the Teenies. Miley Scandals.

Which teeniebopper fans do you not want to mess with?
We've got band groupies, celeb/TV relationship teenies, and we've got the Disney teenies.

The Disney teenies have their own branches. JB. Hannah Montana. HSM. There are even more sub categories into the branches. Like Zac Efron-Ashley Tisdale-Vanessa Hudgens in the HSM group, Hannah/Miley-Mitchel Musso-Emily Osment in Hannah Montana, and of course, Nick-Joe-Kevin Jonas in JB.

I will be doing Miley.

Hannah Montana has a fan base of over 30 million. Most are kids ranged from 5-12. Most of them, have never heard of her before her leading role as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana in her hit TV series Hannah Montana. Most of these fans are little girls, who obviously aren't meant to handle fights well. Whenever I see someone criticizing Miley, or saying they hate her, you'll mostly find a response of, "omg u r jus jeliiss!!1!!!1 miley has like famee and a career and a million dollarz!!1!!1 u wish u had dat stuffzz!!" Or somewhere roughly around that. Which translates to "Oh my god you are just jealous! Miley has like fame and a career and a million dollars! you wish your life was like that!" Which sounds so much smarter right?

Maybe smarter if we're dealing with the 10-12 children. Although there are older fans of her, saying she's a role model, and all that junk. Obviously they want their children to over exaggerate words, pound on make up, wear skimpy clothes at events, and take risque photos. If that's what they want, by all means, keep talking.

I, for one, don't care what she does anymore. Before I thought she was okay, until these recent [to quote Buck] 'Hannah Monscandals' i have changed my mind. None of these really made me hate her, and none made me like her.

You'd think that Miley would freak out because they obsess over her so much? There are millions of children wearing your face around everywhere in public, wouldn't you freak out? I know i would.

Then there are also male viewers, who think that Miley is very, "hot" These have to comment her scandal pictures, with sexual innuendo. It's pretty mandatory to act like pedophiles, if they like a girl that much. Or maybe they're just being guys. Some younger male fans who probably don't know much on the subject, or don't want to degrade women, just have a crush on her.

In other Miley news, Miley has had some picture scandals. Here is a brief sample of the photo's she's taken, including the infamous 'Satan' blamed candy picture.

Warning: Do not have small children who are Miley teenie boppers in the room. This may be graphic enough to have tinypic/photobucket/image shack/any photo storage place people remove it.
You were warned.

That is what is had to say about that.


Hannah Montana Movie. Yay...?

Yes, Disney is at it again. Only this time it's a Hannah Montana big screen movie, and it's in joint production with Billy Ray Cyrus' production company...? The movie starts filming next month in Nashville, Tennessee, and this Sunday kicks off pre-production with a nationwide casting call right smack dab in the middle of the infamous city of Rock && Roll history. Hey, I'd try out if I could...but i can't. >.< With parts of the tentative script leaking out, it raises some questions about the direction that the movie is taking the show, since it is being filmed before they begin the third season.

From what I've heard/seen, the movie is supposed to focus on the Miley Stewart part of the main character, including a trip back home to Tennessee. So it makes me wonder: Is Robby Ray worried that Miley is getting too into the Hannah part of her life and losing her down-to-earthness? The parties and concerts and celebutantes like Tracy (what is she famous for?) could be getting to the pop princess.

Now, there was a casting call for a character opposite Miley for a guy named Travis. And Miley seems to be very smitten with him. Which poses the question: If Miley is so into this guy, what will happen come season three, what with Cody Linley's character Jake Ryan coming back?

It also seems that Miley decides to embarrass Lilly when she has a party near the beginning of the movie. Why is Lilly having a party? Birthday maybe? And what possesses Miley Stewart to embarrass her? It's pretty obvious that Miley and Lilly's relationship has become more and more volatile as the show progresses. Will this be the end of the road for the two?

And where the heck is Oliver Oken in all this? Will he and Lilly accompany the Stewarts back to Nashville? Will Jackson ever get a real girlfriend? And what about all these rumors that Heather Locklear, Brooke Shields, Dolly Parton and tons more are making appearances in the movie? Is Lilly's mom along for the ride? Miley's mommy's ghost popping up? Another "Funkle" Earl experience? And what about Aunt Pearl? Where is she in this chaos? Will Rico be tagging along? These are the questions that haunt me...

But one question that is on everyone's mind, whether they know it or not, Will people find out about Miley's secret identity? Lilly's mom, Jake Ryan, Aunt Dolly, Mamaw, Uncle Earl, and even the deceitful cousin LuAnne know. Will one of them slip-up? Will Oliver or Lilly accidentally blurt it out to someone? Will Jackson get so fed up with his little sister's antics that he tells someone for revenge? Will a wardrobe slip-up foil the secret? I hope not. There's not much to the show without the secret. I mean, what could season three possibly be about if the whole world knows that Hannah Montana is really Miley Stewart? It has the potential to turn into a show similar to the Naked Brothers Band, and we know how well that show is doing... *shudders* Eh...

Anyways, since movie scripts have the tendency to get re-written very often even up the point of a scene change right before filming, we can only take this information with a grain of salt. By the time the final movie comes around, Miley may not embarrass Lilly. Lilly may not even have a party. A lot of these details are subject to change. And how will this affect the tv show? Since the movie isn't set to premiere til 2009, and there aren't that many season two episodes left, will they begin season three before the movie comes out? It kind of gives you something to think about. . . :]


author's note: i'm trying to keep this more on the characters than on the actors portraying those characters. because we're cynics here, we don't like anyone so much that we don't see their faults at one point or another. i'll just save my opinions on them for another post. :]


Meet Camy

Yola, I'm Camy!
I'm joining the Cynics blogs and I'll mostly be going on about shows, awards, and whatever else on tv that pops my fancy. I'm not too mean, but I mean what I say and I say what I mean.
Hope you enjoy my blogs!

Oh snap! Laur's Opinion of JB Fans!

This lovely exposẻ was supposed to be about my opinion on Jonas Brothers fans and them only. But, I might as well give you a little history to get you up to speed... Maybe add a few random words that don't have anything to do with this post.

Two years ago, when I saw the Jonas Brothers on TRL back in March 2006 (stupid tv remote); I thought their fanbase was crazy. THEN! Which by today's JB fandom standard, it would be like them going to Wal*Mart at 4 am. Well, maybe not. But, you get the point.

It's safe to say you've seen some recent Jonas Brothers apperance on the television, you've seen the plethora of young teenage girls who scream (loudly) at the mere mention of the names: Nick, Kevin, or Joe. I think they can read minds. I swear I just heard some scream. Anyway, moving on... Jonas Brothers fans are in a league of their own. And I'm not talking about the movie.

After the premire of the Year 3000 music video, their fanbase has gone through the roof. Especially after their apperance on a Hannah Montana episode: Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas, back last August.
The fans are everywhere now. You know, the insanely hyperactive obsessed fans who thinks she gonna marry a Jonas Brother. Sorry to break it to you girls. There's 3 of them, and a million of you. I'm sure most of you will look back at this in 5 years and think, 'What in the world was I thinking?' and rightfully so.

I think it's absolutely great that they finally got their first headlining tour - Look Me In the Eyes Tour after three years of trying. I don't want the old them back. They've grown up and moved on. It's the fans would only scream that annoy me to no end. I'm not sure if any of you caught last week's Jimmy Kimmel. If you didn't, here's a recap.

'We're gonna party like it's the Year 3000!'
*John Cusack sitting and getting interviewed*

You guessed those fans were screaming. I'm not sure if they were on a rollercoaster or getting attacked by a cougar.. *snicker* Sorry. But! You don't treat a late night show apperance like some mid-day concert. It's rude to the other actors/performers that are there that night. These "true" fans are giving the Jonas Brothers a bad reputation and don't even realize it. Can't a simple clap suffice?

Also, why can't they take ANYTHING with a grain of salt? The shows like 'The Soup' are supposed to make fun of people and AGHAST! They give them more mainstream non-Disney exposure. UNHEARD OF! Oh, the horror.

Okay, I'll stop being a drama queen now. But seriously, get a grip. They're just three guys, not the Beatles. In fact, I don't even know why people get so obsessed with other people.

Maybe I should stop taking everything with a tablespoon of salt...



p.s. the amas scared me for life... *shudder*

High School Musical 3? Aren't They Through Yet?

Apparently not.

High School Musical, the very big Disney franchise that started as a small made-for-television movie, is going at it again. Only this time, they're headed for the big screen. For the original six principle cast members, this is pretty much the end of the Disney-led musical road. For director/choreographer Kenny Ortega...yeah, maybe not so much. He seems to want to continue on this money train, even to the point of adding new main cast members, including three wannabes: a mini Troy played by Matt Prokop, a mini Chad, Justin Martin, and (God forbid) a mini Sharpay, portrayed by a British Jemma McKenzie-Brown.

Now coming from a former HSM fanatic and Troyella shipper (trust me, I was) I have one major thing swirling around my mind, that many non-fans have been thinking since 2006: PLEASE STOP. High School Musical: classic. It was like the Underdog (not a JB reference). Something that was perceived to be ordinary that made it to the big times. High School Musical 2 was...not as awesome as it was pumped up to be. It did have some funny moments, some definite cliche moments, and an overall good message, since it is your quote-unquote Disney feel-good movie. But will High School Musical 3 be the best of the three?



There are a couple things...in my opinion.

1. The main actors act like they don't even want to do the movie. Zac, mainly, the one that was going on to bigger and better things, seemed to be trying to distance himself from the franchise early on. Even before HSM2. Even recently, he said that he didn't want to be the guy to take HSM away from the fans. Hmmm... Plus, is it just me that thinks some of them have gotten big-headed?

Now, I am a Vanessa Hudgens fan, but even her and Ashley seem to want to...mature in their career. Both with their new movies (Will and They Came From Upstairs) and their new records. Corbin... well, I have no clue what he's doing. Monique has been busy with her Dancing with the Stars tour with Disney Alum Sabrina Bryan of the other Disney Musical franchise, Cheetah Girls. Lucas, possibly my favorite of the cast, has been working dilegently working, and doing an amazing job of staying out of the public eye when he wants to. And Zac...well, we've heard enough about him. Perez talks about him enough for me. But with all this new stuff going for them does that mean they have to alienate their fans in the process?

2. The new cast members...not all that impressed. Now, I don't know much about Justin Martin (apparently he was on Broadway) or Jemma McKenzie-Brown. She's from across the pond and, unfortunately, I haven't been to Europe since I was...three years old? But this Matt kid, the guy that nabbed the most wanted role of Jimmie "The Rocket" Soto...let's just say...I have my doubts. >.<

Honestly, I've been a fan of Tony Oller's since I saw him on As The Bell Rings with Demi Lovato, and we see how she took off. So, I only hoped Tony would get his chance, what with his voice, his looks, and his hilarious nature. Naturally, I thought he was a shoe-in for the role opposite Zac Efron. Well, according to the Mouse, I was wrong. Oller was over-qualified, as it were. So the part went to Matt Prokop. *raises eyebrow* That's one. And, from the ever reliable Era, who runs so many fan sites I lost count, informed me that the Mussos' (Yes, Mitchel Musso) don't associate with Prokop, when they were at one time chummy. *raises other eyebrow* Strike two. No one messes with my Mussos. Matt, if you want me to not hate you, please don't get a third.

But, I wouldn't have been opposed to Selena Gomez coming on as Gabriella's cousin or something...then again, I hope not. She should be able to pave her own way, and not have to hang in the curtails of six other people. I'm just praying that Ali Lohan is kept far from the movie. But I'll save that for another day. :] Oh, and some say Miley wants to reprise her cameo in the film. >.< Can you really call a 2 second shot of dancing a cameo? I don't see how she even got credited? Don't you have to at least say 3 words to get paid (this doesn't included the dancers)? Vanessa little sister Stella was in the first movie but was never credited. =/

3. I mean, come on, what can you possibly add after two movies that raises the number of viewers and lessens the corn-ball value? The songs, one-by-one, they will still get old (Getcha Head In the Game, You Are the Music in Me, and Everyday are unbearable for me) Breaking Free has been saved only because I have yet to get sick of the Nikki Flores and Josh Hoge version. You can only do some many dance-alongs before people go to a dance studio and learn how to really dance. And what plot-lines can they add that keeps it "Disney" but still brings in the money? HSM2 would have been tons more interesting if some of the rumored scenes had actually taken place, like Troy being lifeguard, Sharpay pretending to drown, thus Troy having to perform CPR on her. That's the drama people want! I mean, your actors aren't 16 years old...and neither are all your viewers. If you want to keep people hooked, you need to add a twist in there. People saw that if Troy was with Sharpay, Gabriella would be with Ryan. Obvious. Typical. Cliche.

So that's my rant. Make of it what you will. You decide if it will be the best of the three or bomb like the "Big It On"s after the original.

But because I'm just that much of a dork, I will still be in that theater in October...but only so I can write a review. I'm doing it for you guys...and because I'm strangely addicted. Darn that clever mouse. >.<


Go shave.

Facial hair. ick.


Girls KCA Outfits

This is my critique on some of the girl's outfits at the KCA. I will have another segment on guys later.

Miley #1

Miley's dress was quite a surprise to me. I was expecting a wild, super short, skimpy, revealing dress, too old for her, just like the Teen Choice Awards. Not bad, too flashy for my likings, and it doesn't shape well. Hair was a bit messed up, and looked darker than her reddish do around Easter.

Again, she did look much older than she really is, but that hasn't stopped her before. Looks like shes been pounding on the make up again.

Although the dress was good length standing up, sitting down is another story.

Creepy.. Her expression creeps me out.

I suggest she find a knee length dress like Miss Osment's

Emily Osment

I honestly can't find anything wrong with her. The dress is cute, and complements her skin tone. It's appropriate length, and gives her a good edge.

Miley #2

Getting outfit inspiration from an old musical I see. Reminds me of Sandy's outfit in the music number You're the One That I Want. Although the singing and dancing in that was much better. Spandex does not suit you Miley. It looked very awkward. I've seen things I never wanted to see. Ever. Taking off your jacket onstage didn't help either. The jacket, converse, her fishnet glove things[which you can get at Hot Topic] were the only thing i liked about her outfit, everything else was just awkward.

By the way, if you want her glove arm things, here's the site, pages 1 and 3

Brenda Song

I didn't like Brenda's dress at all. It was too floral, and it made her look like she's gained weight. It doesn't fit her shape, and its just plain ugly. On the upside, her hair was very cute, and simple. That is all I have to say about that.

Check one two..

Hello all. Emmerz is joining the cynics crew =)
I will be the meanie pants judging the events and clothes of people. Mostly clothes, I'm good at that.
So, keep reading, and i hope you all enjoy this blog :]

Isn't it Too Early to Tackle Niley?

I don't think so. ;]



Okay, to be completely honest, after all the hoop-lah over Zanessa, I wasn't too apt to get all up in Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus' relationship. I knew they were close...I'm pretty sure Nick was the first to say he liked Miley wayyy back in 06, maybe? But they're kids! 15 year olds! Why is everyone so sure that "they'll be together forever"? You cannot really take their relationship seriously. Having been through the fleeting moments of "puppy love", I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about.

To make things clear, I'm not the type of fan that gets pissed over someone I like getting into a relationship. I like the Jonas Brothers but didn't go all "I hate Miley for dating Nick!" I like Miley, but didn't act like "The Jonas Brothers were just using her to get famous!" Trust me, I've heard people say stuff like that. Although I am a cynic, I do hope the best for people. That's why I just hoped everything would work out how it needed to, and I kept on walking past that magazine stand.

But now I getting really peeved. Ever since the obvious break-up of the pair, something has become very apparent...


Ever since the Hannah Montana 3-D Concert Premiere, Nick and Miley have been no where near each other. Miley always stands near Joe and Kevin, while Nick seems to tag along. Maybe that's what started the rumors of Miley and Joe... =/ Even at the KCA's, Miley hardly acknowledged that the Jonas Brothers were sitting right behind her and her mom, or that they even won. I began to wonder if they would even have pictures of them together...but they did. Like two. >.<

Now, I'm not saying that I pay much mind to other people's romantic relationships, but in this case...I would love if they started dating just so that they would stop trying so hard to avoid each other. Would it be so hard for them to fake a smile so they wouldn't look so darn uncomfortable whenever they're within spitting distance of each other?