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Jonas Brothers: A Little Bit Longer Review
By Laur the Cynic.
Music/Melody/Guitar Riff Rating: 10/10. Absolutely amazing. Music better than previous albums.
Lyrics: 2/10. Left much to be desired. How many freakin’ songs could be about girls? We get it. You love her, she hates you. Move on. Move on. (Name that song, obsessed punks)
Overall Album: C-, for the manufactured Disney trash lyrics even though they’re paired with awesome guitar lines.

Don’t get me wrong; I have been a fan of them since March 2006. I even own It’s About Time. I’m one of the old Pre-Disney fans. I accept the music for what it is, not about how so called ‘hotties’ they are. (JB are the current TCA Male Hotties, like I didn’t see that coming, with these lovely new fans.)

The new album titled, ‘A Little Bit Longer’ comes out on August 12th, will most likely outsell the Jonas Brothers debut album and sophomore album with its eyes closed. Thank you Disney, for giving them everything they needed. Including fans that have an obsession so large that it cannot be healthy. Oh! And a new 3D movie, which kids are gonna cry like those pathetic ‘My Super Sweet 16’ girls, that they just ‘have’ to see the movie, that will only be out for “one week.”

I’ll stop ranting about the pains and agonies of an old Jonas fan. And talk about this lovely album…

First off, is the lovely song: BB Good. The title reminds me of Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry, but that is the closest resemblance those two songs have. The previews of this song were very promising with a very catchy chorus, a song about being good to them and being happy, and even treating a girl right. Then, it happens. No, the world doesn’t explode, but extremely close. Joseph’s line (which was basically screamed) ‘I wanna kiss you,’ scares the living crap out of you, as you are running to the nearest shelter in fear of an F5 tornado or another natural disaster anomaly. The rest of the song is about them being a great cou.. cou.. yeah. They don’t even finish the word couple, and I guess the only thing good is like, I don’t know, the great guitar riffs?

Moving on, Burning Up is a song, which is about a girl in a red dress and heels. Chauvinist pigs. I’m sure that I don’t even need to review this song. Since, you can probably tell from the opinion of the rest of the lyrics of this album, nothing needs to be said.

Oh, surprise! Another heartbreak song! They make it seem like they’re so famous and loved, and that they’re not dating anyone. I mean, sure. They deserve a private life. But, come on, can’t they sing about anything more than break ups. How nasty breakups can they have between them? Shelf is not a bad song, it is one of the songs that garnered this album the 2 points for lyrics on this album. Giving your heart to someone who cares, and not just to anyone is an actually meaningful lyric. Snaps to them.

Okay, One Man Show… I’ve yet to understand what the heck is going on in this song. From what I can understand, it’s about not needed someone to continue living. I sure hope so, its not like they’re your liver or brain or something. Still, what song isn’t about a girl on this album? There’s plenty more stuff to write about.

Okay, seriously. I cannot do every single song on this album. I’ll go insane from writing so much. I was never a writer.

I’ll go with the high points of the record. Basically, in a nutshell, A Little Bit Longer is the highlight of the album. Probably not surprising that the title track is in fact the highlight, but what can you do.

I don’t hate the album, I just don’t like it.

Ratings of the songs—
BB Good –8.5/10 [Was good until the screaming part, and all that weird stuff]
Burning Up – 8/10/ [Cliché, and I’m tired of this song]
Shelf – 9/10 [One of the better ones]
One Man Show – 7/10 [Confusing]
Lovebug – 7.5/10 [When I figure it out..]
Tonight – 6/10 [Okay]
Can’t Have You – 7.5/10
Video Girl 8.5/10. [Not bad... kind of weird. Hard to understand at first.]
Pushing Me Away – 9/10 [Good beat]
Sorry - 8.5/10 [Falsetto just scares me, other than that. Not bad.]
Got Me Going Crazy - 9/10 [Opening is like Australia a tad, but the underlying bass line is incredibly catchy]
A Little Bit Longer –10/10/ [It’s possible to be on my good side]

Perez Hilton might hurt me. I must now run. It seems that I use this place to talk about these punks, oh well. I'll find something else... oh, I got a wonderful topic for next time. Ta-ta!

P.S. The Album Art is SCARY!

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