Girls KCA Outfits

This is my critique on some of the girl's outfits at the KCA. I will have another segment on guys later.

Miley #1

Miley's dress was quite a surprise to me. I was expecting a wild, super short, skimpy, revealing dress, too old for her, just like the Teen Choice Awards. Not bad, too flashy for my likings, and it doesn't shape well. Hair was a bit messed up, and looked darker than her reddish do around Easter.

Again, she did look much older than she really is, but that hasn't stopped her before. Looks like shes been pounding on the make up again.

Although the dress was good length standing up, sitting down is another story.

Creepy.. Her expression creeps me out.

I suggest she find a knee length dress like Miss Osment's

Emily Osment

I honestly can't find anything wrong with her. The dress is cute, and complements her skin tone. It's appropriate length, and gives her a good edge.

Miley #2

Getting outfit inspiration from an old musical I see. Reminds me of Sandy's outfit in the music number You're the One That I Want. Although the singing and dancing in that was much better. Spandex does not suit you Miley. It looked very awkward. I've seen things I never wanted to see. Ever. Taking off your jacket onstage didn't help either. The jacket, converse, her fishnet glove things[which you can get at Hot Topic] were the only thing i liked about her outfit, everything else was just awkward.

By the way, if you want her glove arm things, here's the site, pages 1 and 3

Brenda Song

I didn't like Brenda's dress at all. It was too floral, and it made her look like she's gained weight. It doesn't fit her shape, and its just plain ugly. On the upside, her hair was very cute, and simple. That is all I have to say about that.

Check one two..

Hello all. Emmerz is joining the cynics crew =)
I will be the meanie pants judging the events and clothes of people. Mostly clothes, I'm good at that.
So, keep reading, and i hope you all enjoy this blog :]

Isn't it Too Early to Tackle Niley?

I don't think so. ;]



Okay, to be completely honest, after all the hoop-lah over Zanessa, I wasn't too apt to get all up in Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus' relationship. I knew they were close...I'm pretty sure Nick was the first to say he liked Miley wayyy back in 06, maybe? But they're kids! 15 year olds! Why is everyone so sure that "they'll be together forever"? You cannot really take their relationship seriously. Having been through the fleeting moments of "puppy love", I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about.

To make things clear, I'm not the type of fan that gets pissed over someone I like getting into a relationship. I like the Jonas Brothers but didn't go all "I hate Miley for dating Nick!" I like Miley, but didn't act like "The Jonas Brothers were just using her to get famous!" Trust me, I've heard people say stuff like that. Although I am a cynic, I do hope the best for people. That's why I just hoped everything would work out how it needed to, and I kept on walking past that magazine stand.

But now I getting really peeved. Ever since the obvious break-up of the pair, something has become very apparent...


Ever since the Hannah Montana 3-D Concert Premiere, Nick and Miley have been no where near each other. Miley always stands near Joe and Kevin, while Nick seems to tag along. Maybe that's what started the rumors of Miley and Joe... =/ Even at the KCA's, Miley hardly acknowledged that the Jonas Brothers were sitting right behind her and her mom, or that they even won. I began to wonder if they would even have pictures of them together...but they did. Like two. >.<

Now, I'm not saying that I pay much mind to other people's romantic relationships, but in this case...I would love if they started dating just so that they would stop trying so hard to avoid each other. Would it be so hard for them to fake a smile so they wouldn't look so darn uncomfortable whenever they're within spitting distance of each other?



Hey everyone! Laur here. Selah and I are the main cynics of this site. What is a cynic, might you ask?
someone who is critical of the motives of others
a member of a group of ancient Greek philosophers who advocated the doctrine that virtue is the only good and that the essence of virtue is self-control

Now, the vocabulary lesson is over. We are not bashers, and we never hope to be. We tell it like it is. And that is all there is to it.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as we are ours. One of the main qualities of cynics (authors) on this site, is that we take everything in the media with the grain of salt. Never believe it just because it's written in a magazine. The power of the press is immense, and they take advantage of that. I'm no journalism or English major, so bare with me.
So basically, the point of this site is to report things when we see it, how we see it, and why we see it that way.
And that's that.

Selah's Side of the KCA's.

Kid's Choice Awards Funnn Timeee. :p

If you were without a television, computer, or any type of technological device last night, there is a pretty good chance you missed the KCA's. So, here's a mild recap:

The one person on everyone's "to see" list was the one and only Smiley Miley Cyrus. Shocker. She arrived with her mom at her hip (everyone was looking for Mandy..including me) wearing a black and silver dress with reddish-pink heels. No surprise that she won "Favorite Singer" and "Favorite TV Actress". The biggest shocker, though, was Hannah Montana getting passed up for "Favorite TV Show" for Drake and Josh. That's bunk. Okay, Drake and Josh is a pretty good show, mainly due to Josh Peck and the guy that play Crazy Steve, but, honestly, it doesn't hold a torch to the much more popular Hannah Montana. =/

The Jonas Brothers were another "to see" moment. No surprise that they won "Favorite Band" as opposed to Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy, and Linkin Park. Please remember the majority of the voting population was 16 years old and under...oh, and bloggers like Michael Buckley of "What the Buck?". The Jonas Brothers, who are the only people that can dress so uncoordinatedly that they match, gave a very short "thank you" speech. Well, Nick usually seems out-of-it most of the time anyway. Could it have been because both Joe and Nick's ex-girlfriends were sitting in the audience and felt slightly uncomfortable? I saw the look Miley slipped Nick as she unenthusiastically clapped, before she feigned talking to her mom. Shocker alert: Nick's ex Miley was the only winner to thank God in her speech. Shame on you, Jonas Brothers. You're the sons of a pastor. Don't get big-headed.

The most of the show was mediocore. Slime here. Slime there. Slime on Harrison Ford. The Naked Brothers Band performed. I changed the channel. Can you tell I'm not a fan? Miley's performance had to have been an aquired taste. People who use their ears can clearly tell she was not lip-synching (thank goodness), but her timing was a half a second off, most likely due to her running around the stage in her Grease inspired attire. Fear the mom-jeans-esque unitard. I spy a faux beauty mark! I admit I was looking for Mandy during Miley's performance of G. N. O., and found her! She had on a red sweater and 50's era glasses. Now, all we have to do is sit and wait for the next youtube video of the Miley and Mandy show! :]

Orlando Bloom's appearances was definitely unexpected. He came out for the finale to help Jack Black. Niceee. :] I would have loved to have been in that audience.

I did have a few concerns though:

There must have been some awkwardness tension in the arena. The Jonas/Cyrus/Michalka triangle. And am I the only one that noticed the Rihanna, Shia LaBeouf, and Chris Brown were there...at the same time? Or that the before mentioned half of Aly and AJ and rumored romance Ryan Sheckler were there? And that tons of Disney stars are network jumping? That new dance show "Dance on Sunset" featured two dancers who were background dancers in High School Musical 2: Shane and Hefa. Plus, tons of Disney stars attended the show. Brenda Song and Phil Lewis from the Suite Life, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, Miley, and Mosies Arias...and none of them were photographed together. Hmmm... And when Alvin and the Chipmunks won, why didn't Jesse McCartney go up with Jason Lee? He was there. I saw him on the orange carpet!

So, does it top 2007's show? Some moments perhaps. You be the judge.


p.s. i don't hate Miley or the Jonas Brothers. on the contrary, i like them very much. these are mere observations and my thoughts about last night's events. :]

-thanks to JUSTJARED for the photos.