Who Said, Who Said Miley Can't Write A Book?

Well I certainly didn't, but I never thought I'd have to either.

That's right, just in case you haven't heard, Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana plans on writing a memoir about how she became who she is and what not: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/television/news/e3i312d811d7acd5b8736a801b222fca285

So this book in a nutshell:
  • Her birthname's Destiny Hope Cyrus (which she legally changed to Miley Ray Cyrus)
  • She's from Tenessee
  • She stars in the super popular Disney show Hannah Montana with her real life Country star dad Billy Ray Cyrus
  • And she dated Nick Jonas
  • She's the incredible 15-year-old --You don't know her=you live in cave. (May I join your happy life?)

So what else is there to know? Corrrection: What else do we care to know?

Apparently she wants to inspire kids about how important family time is, because if Miley has a perfect family, you can too --insert creepy smile here-- .

This book "will feature photographs from her famous family" and how they're really close, and all the other things she wants to shove down our throats. I guess she realized that some kids rather reading over watching TV and listening to music, so this is her way of spreading the Hannah Montana Insanity to them. Or the pictures (such as the ones Selah and Emily posted) are finally showing that she isn't the perfect daughter/singer/actress Disney sells her to be, and they want to change that.

Whatever the reason, I won't be buying the book. I see her life on TV and on the internet, I don't need to see it in print to finally believe it. I can see the headlines now "Miley Cyrus Conquering the Book World" or "Sudden Rise in Tween's Reading Interest Due to Miley Cyrus?" Ahaha--not.

Ps. I do not hate Miley Cyrus. =]
I just want a place where I can be without seeing her or hearing about her or a day. Please?

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